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I’ve had one of my bright ideas!!!

Samlesbury Hall, where Phill and I will be celebrating our Wedding, has a beautiful courtyard which would look fabulous decorated with yards and yards of bunting. I had originally planned on setting to the task of making all of said bunting by myself but given that I have so many talented friends, this seems rather daft 🙂 hint hint.

Indeed, we have a number of friends who live extremely far away and may not be able to attend our Wedding Day but may wish to be a part of it in another, less conventional way.  Since becoming a blogger and Tweeter I have made some lovely friends in the online crafting World whom I hope will like to contribute aswell.  As with so many things – the more, the merrier.

I think as a project this could be really exciting.  Bunting is such a wonderful decoration for celebratory events and we will be able to use it again and again and think of all those lovely crafters out there, both seasoned and novice who wanted to help make our special day even more special.

If you would like to be involved please email me for our address 🙂

Once the bunting (hopefully) starts to arrive I will upload a blog about each piece so please include a little note about yourself and maybe where you found the fabric?  An old quilt cover, a dress, new fabric – anything goes.

So, if you would like to be involved, here is your challenge… :-)

Using any fabric, plain or patterned, please make approximately 2 yards (or 2m) of bunting!!

The penants can be decorated or not, its up to you!

A guide for size is 25cm long (vertically, from straight edge to point) and 20cm wide (horizontally, along straight edge) and there should be 5cm between each penant: – but don’t worry if yours aren’t!

I hope they end up being as unique as you are!

It really doesn’t matter how skilled or unskilled you are when it comes to sewing, you can even glue them if that’s easier, I just think it’s a really nice idea.  Also if postage becomes and issue, given that many of the lovely people reading this may not live in the UK, I would be happy to pay or help for it, just let me know x

Thank you so much in advance.  If you would like to find out more about the plans for our Wedding, please visit our Wedding site.   If you have time, please do leave us a comment so we know you stopped by.

Much love

Rachel x            Twitter: #weddingbunting
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Be a social butterfly...