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I am breaking every Hen/Bachelorette Code by discussing this but what the hell!  I have to tell you how awesome my Hen weekend was and take the opportunity to thank my lovely friends and Maid of Honour Maggie.

Here she is…

and again…

Ms Maggie and I have known each other since the first day of school.  I was crying…she distracted me with lego…it’s been the same ever since.  She’s as lovely as they come.  Our arguments are some of the most fierce and painful you will ever experience, but isn’t that always the case with people you love!!  She is my daughter’s God Mother and I can’t imagine either of our lives without her.

Anyway, back to the Hen weekend.  Maggie insisted on keeping the nature and location of my Hen celebrations a secret, which drove me insane!!  I do not like surprises!!  But they were good surprises and my marathon weekend played out something like this…

A Tea Party at my Auntie’s Pub, The Ribble Lodge.  We had what my Auntie Liz called ‘WI’ sandwiches, because they were a bit posher and more old school than your average buttie!

My crazy Mummy friends danced to Agadoo and dressed me up in Hen Party regalia, including a beautiful hand-made, tea-cup fascinator with a  blusher veil.

And even my Grandma could come, complete with broken foot.

At the end of the night the girls gave me my T-shirt that I would wear for the next day and the most beautiful veil with hand sewn embellishments like silver charms…..what do you think???

These jeans were bought because Maggie thought they’d be embarrassing, but I LOVE them!

The next day saw us have brunch in Liverpool with my lovely little girl coming along, which was great because she is my absolute best friend!   After a quick ride on the Carousel, it was time for her to go home and the more grown-up festivities to begin.

Well, erm,  I have no excuse for my behaviour!  After a nice dinner, we boarded a party bus filled with Hen and Stag parties and went on a tour of Liverpool’s finest drinking establishments.

The night ended the following morning with the hotel security requesting that we ‘keep the noise down’ 😮  I am an upstanding member of the community, I promise!

The next day we said goodbye to a few members of our group and went onto our third and final activity.  I tried to work out what it might be considering who had bowed out (the fact that people had ‘bowed out’ did worry me a little) but was still none the wiser as we got on the first of three trains as the girls kept hiding the tickets from me.

We ended up in Wales!!

The town of Ruabon to be precise and what a beautiful, friendly place.

After eating Sunday Lunch with the locals at The Lord Nelson, we took a cab to White Water Active, a local adventure sports centre and got ready to go…….white water rafting.   Yes you read that right!  Now although White water rafting might not be on every hen party’s list of things they want to do and perhaps was not ideal given that it was 2 weeks ’til the big day…I loved it!  That’s why Maggie picked it…because despite (and possibly because of) the fact it’s an odd choice,  she knew I’d love it!

We were so well looked after by our instructor Carwen that afterwards we all wanted to take him back home with us and John, the centre boss even gave us a lift back into town!  Honestly they were so good, I could write a whole post just about the them!

I had the most diverse, unique and personal weekend and I could see that my best friend’s heart and soul had gone into every single moment.  I had a great time and love her so much for organising it for me.  I could happily have slept for a week afterwards!!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who helped me celebrate my last few days of unmarried life!

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...