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Over the years I have worked in the wedding industry in various capacities; I have sold wedding dresses, I have modelled wedding dresses and I have assisted wedding photographers.  I’ve lost count of how many wedding fayre’s I have been involved in, both public and industry and frankly I’ve seen it all!  Trust me, just about everything you can imagine has been done by somebody!

Whilst planning my wedding I have felt alot of pressure to be original (I have laid all of this pressure on myself of course!) and I got over my first hurdle very early on by choosing my dress around 18 months ago.  My dress will be unlike anything any of my guests have ever seen and will NOT be what is expected of me.  I wanted to wear a gown that didn’t feel like any of the dresses I have worn before.   Thankfully one of my old industry contacts really came through for me and now I have a wedding dress that lives up to all of my hopes and dreams (I just need to make it fit!).

It has been a rare occasion during our wedding planning, when I have taken inspiration from someone else’s big day.  I have mountains of wedding magazines at home and my favourite sections are always the ‘real weddings’, but that’s just because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and like being nosy 😉  If I’m honest, when I see an idea that a bride has used in her wedding, it actually puts me off using it in my own.  That all changed a few days ago.

Our venue, Samlesbury Hall, is rather grand and rather quirky and we wanted our décor to enhance the space as opposed to competing with it.  Our original idea for our table centres was to have candelabras on each table like the one above.  It would appear though that our recent penchant for the simple life is reaching into our wedding plans and now, this idea seems far too fussy for the setting, the feel of the day and for us as a couple.  It’s rather lucky then that I saw this on Pocket Full of Dreams

This beautiful wedding was held at Samlesbury Hall (yes the very same place that we will be celebrating) and I just fell in love with the simplicity of their centrepieces.

I think the hurricane lanterns are a beautiful idea and easy to move around the venue so that they can be seen as much as possible….and I knew just where I had seen some!  So off we went in the car to the shop in question.  When we arrived we discovered that they had been reduced in price (hooray!) and had then promptly sold out (boooo!).  I had almost given up when a lovely lady found six which had just arrived, the very last ones they would ever get….and guess how many we needed 🙂

Sometimes things really do go right.  With just a few weeks until our big day, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our good luck continues.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...