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We are moving house….I hate moving house.  For so many reasons I seem to have moved very often in my (almost) 28 years and it never gets any easier.

Since July, we have been renting a very large house with a view to buying it this Summer.  Although our house is beautiful, light, spacious, grand even; we have struggled to make it feel like home.

Set far back from a road too busy for Bethany to cross, we barely see our neighbours and as a family of three, 17 is just too may rooms!!!

Regular readers will know that we intend to adopt a little boy in the next year and those in charge of adoptions do not look kindly upon house moves made during the process.  We don’t want any delays, for us and the little one.  For this and many other reasons; we have decided that the time to move is now!

Once again we are packing our lives into boxes and as we are downsizing I am making a real effort to condense our belongings!

As difficult as it may be,  I really don’t need three pairs of red shoes and those leopard print ones with the tags still on, do I actually want those?

I have parted with items that I thought I would take to my grave!  Already 3 large packing boxes have been delivered to the Charity shop, with many more things still to go.

We have put porcelain on Ebay and Phill has sold most of the equipment from his Gym.  If we don’t love it, need it and have room for it…then it has to go!

Bethany’s things have been the most difficult to give up.

She still had an ‘un-unpacked’ box(!) most of which has been parted with; but every book that she no longer reads, every doll that no longer gets cuddled, is a reminder that she’s growing up.  I’m probably finding it more difficult that she is!!

I am looking forward to the new house.  It might be madness to be moving mere weeks before our Wedding, but the prospect of leaving behind great expanses of cream walls for some stability and a home that we can decorate and really make our own is worth the hassle.

We may struggle at first, not least as we will have to adjust to working with the area’s appalling broadband speeds, but I just can’t wait to get my hands on the new house and make it as fabulous and unique as we are!!

Not long now.

Love Rachel

Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...

  • Brandi Dailey

    We rented a house before buying the one we are in now. The house was large, hardwood floors second story and had a huge pool in the back. It was what we thought was what we wanted. Shortly after moving in we decided it was all wrong. We had rooms that were never used, we were constantly stressing about scratches on the beautiful dark wood floors and I HATED going up and down the stairs we never felt like it fit for us and the fun of the pool was quickly forgotten and it became a chore to keep it clean, one that no one wanted to do. The temp was never right and it took a lot of electricity to run the sweeper and heater for the spa. We couldn’t wait to leave that rental and the $$$$ it was costing us. We ended up buying a small, 4 bedroom all tiled fixer-up with a small yard just enough for a small garden and a small patio. It is long away from being “HOME” but it fits us better. So I feel you, plus…it’s a new start to your new married life 🙂

    • Brandi this is exactly how we feel. we thought we were moving into our dream home, but it’s too much!! Too much room, too much responsibility, too much to pay for: I can’t wait for a simpler life. Though a pool would be kinda cool lol x

  • Zoe-Lilibet

    good luck 🙂 I know the feeling, as I’m at uni, and am constantly packing and unpacking; not the same situation, but same effort 🙂

    • The effort is definitely still there and if you’re anything like me – it’s really unsettling not knowing where you’ll be living!? x

  • Phill

    I hear you fiancé, there are a lot of unknowns in the upcoming months including the broadband speed, but unknows aren’t always bad.

    I don’t know what colour the house is going to be, however I know it will be pretty and vintage.

    Phill x

    • …and that you’ll put up with my colour choices because I’m a great cook?? Oh Phill, you’re so kind 😛 xxx