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…in the Lowry Outlet Sales?

Once upon a time, £100 seemed like an extraordinary amount of money.  As a child I could barely imagine what it would be like to have three figures of money to spend!  Sadly as an adult £100 doesn’t seem to go very far at all.  One food shop and a phone bill later and it’s all but gone.  £100 isn’t quite the grand sum it seemed.

That said I was completely up for the challenge when Lowry Outlet asked me to see how far £100 could stretch in their sales.

If you’ve never been before, the Lowry Outlet is a collection of designer and high street, brands and restaurants.  It’s easy to drive to in the heart of Media City but easier still to reach by tram as you don’t have to worry about parking.   That’s how I got there with Dottie, for whom the journey was just too much ?

They have an absolutely delightful concierge team as you arrive, who can answer any questions and point you in the direction of whatever it is you’re looking for.  Sadly I had no idea what I was looking for.  You know how when you go shopping with very little to spend, you can always find 304738472 things that you love/need/can’t live without.  But then when you pop into the shops with the intention of having a spree, you can’t decide whether or what to buy?  It was like that!!

Dottie and I went on a wee shopping spree in The Lowry Outlet sales. Well I went on a shopping spree, she went on a rampage ?

Posted by Marvellous Mrs P on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So for a while I just browsed.  I tried on beautiful clothes, smelt lovely candles, stroked sumptuous soft furnishings and generally had a rather relaxing time.

But I still couldn’t decide on anything and I do kind of regret leaving this dress behind ?

And then this little lady woke up and apart from looking a little confused about where she was, the first thing she said was ‘Pleeeeaaaase’ as she laid her eyes on a My Little Pony tee-shirt from Marks and Spencer.

Now im not one for character clothes and given that M&S have such sweet children’s clothes, I slightly begrudged buying it.  But she was smitten and at Just £5 my first purchase was a steal!  So the question of whether or not I’d be spending 100 whole pounds on myself had been answered.  As suspected – no I would not ?

I decided to look for something for Beth.  Anyone with teenager girls will know that unless it’s a pair of high waisted jeans, you’re best advised not to try to buy them clothes unless they’re present.  Still I couldn’t help but look.  The Bench store had some real bargains with all sale items 3 for 2 and the £15 dresses in Kurt Muller were certainly tempting.  In the end I bought her a large Yankee candle, in her favourite colour with a deliciously tropical smell.  

She’s always ‘borrowing’ mine and given that they weee on sale for just £12 I considered buying a couple.  I didn’t though and instead headed to another favourite haunt of Beth’s, The Body Shop.

Unbelievably, if you buy four items from their Outlet store, they’ll take an extra 40% off, regardless of price. And they’ll even gift wrap your items.

I chose four things that were already heavily discounted, so this sweet gift (which she was chuffed to bits with, by the way) came to less than £3.50!

Teenagers are difficult to please, but not more than a 6″4 man,who just lost a number of inches off his waistline and truly believes that he’s infinitely more stylish than his wife. Phillip is a pain to buy for, but I was keen to treat him to a well fitting pair of jeans.  I headed straight for Gap.

At the door I was given a voucher and told that if I spent £35, they’d knock £5 off the bill. Not bad.  So I bought jeans for Phill – reduced from £49.99 to £29.99.

I then chose a top for Dottie with a map of the World on it – reduced from £8.99 to £4.99.  And a 5p bag pushed me over the £35 meaning that Dottie’s top was essentially free!

I was then left with around £50 and decided to treat myself.  I was proud that with just £50 of managed to buy treats for the family so decided to splash out on some Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Yes that’s right.  You can get a lot for a little on their sales but if you spend a bit more, you can get some real gems too!  Like my gorgeous sparkly pumps which were reduced from £110 to £55 in Tesutti.

I’m deeply in love with my shoes and in total I saved well over £100 on my shopping!  It turns out that you can get quite a lot for £100 at Lowry Outlet!

As well as a wide range of shops, Lowry Outlet also has a cinema, food court, restaurants and it’s currently host to a number of book benches.  I’d definitely recommend a trip down there before the sales end on 31st July.

Have you found any bargains in the Summer sales?

Love Rachel


PS.  Phill’s bum looks ace in his new jeans ?

*I was gifted a £100 voucher for the purposes of this article but was given no instructions about how and where to spend it.  All views are my own.*

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