Be a social butterfly...

*shakes fist*

Darn you Collectif and your bloomin’ sales for emptying my pockets!!

gingham circle skirt ginger cat collectifI recently treated myself to this gorgeous red gingham Liesel skirt and I wasn’t disappointed – as you can see they haven’t scrimped on the fabric!!  This is a substantial circle skirt and it’s been really well made.  It sits just below the knee (which is the most flattering place to sit if you ask me) and and could be made even more voluptuous with a petticoat.

collectif gingham circleskirt vintage style

I probably bought this in a size too big but as it has these super cute detachable straps, it still works.

gingham circle skirt collectif

The bows are part of the skirt so they stay on, straps or not.

gingham circle skirt collectif

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ve only ever worn gingham for school so I was a bit stumped as to what this should be paired with.  I thought a white top might’ve made it even more schoolish so in the end I plumped for this short sleeved blue sweater from BHS (which I’m wearing with EVERYTHING right now) and the perfect Cake International outfit was born.

ice cream cakes customised hand made

As we were headed to a room full of crafts and cake, Bethany and I both needed some ‘delicious’ footwear.  We took some cheap ballet flats and customised them to create these!!!!

ice cream shoes cherries

Which perfectly complemented the gingham don’t you think?  We lost count of how many people who asked where they could could buy a pair of our Ice Cream Shoes and I won’t lie and say that Beth and I didn’t spend the whole train journey home debating whether we should go into business together.  But for the time being there are no plans to set up shop.  If you’d like some for a special occasion, let me know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best for you.

gingham circle skirt collectif ginger cat vintage style

Love Rachel (and Jim)


PS. Thanks to Beth for being today’s photographer.  She wanted Jim in the pictures as my Toto as a bunch of drunk blokes kept shouting Dorothy at me – charming haha.

Be a social butterfly...