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The day we moved in to Rose Cottage, Beth found a pile of over 30 issues of ‘Good Housekeeping’ from the 1960s, stuffed into a cupboard in her bedroom.I knew then that if we ever bought this house, we’d spend a good portion of our first days as home owners, ripping off 50+ year old MDF with fingers crossed and baited breath – hoping to reveal original 1930s features beneath.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that every night for the last 18 months, I’ve run my fingers along the banister on my way to bed, dreamt about how much more beautiful the hallway would look with spindles and wondered whether they were waiting to be discovered.

1930s spindle reveal

Well we completed on Friday and just a few hours later we were attacking working on the stairway with chisels and hammers.  I say we, but my role in the project was largely dictatorial ha!   We peeled away the first sheet of MDF and…..

spindle reveal

…there they were, the original 1930s spindles.  They’re all present and correct, in perfect condition and painted GOLD!!!   Evidently I’m not the first diva to live at Rose Cottage haha!

spindle reveal

Phill then spent the next two hours, dangling over the stairs tugging away at nails and board until the full staircase was revealed, along with evidence of around 6 layers of wallpaper, dating back to before the staircase was boxed up.

spindle reveal 1940s wallpaper

Every time we moved a sheet, we fully expected to see a missing or damaged spindle, but we were very lucky!  The space already looks better – so airy and light, but Phill’s bravely begun the colossal task of sanding and painting the staircase.

1930s spindle staircase

I can’t wait to show you the finished product and keep dreaming about what it will look like at Christmas, with ivy and fairy lights twisted around the bannister.  Glorious.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...