Be a social butterfly...

Alot changed for our little family in 2011.  Some good things, some bad….I do not like change.

I love the day to day life that most people complain about; what’s wrong in taking pleasure in the little things?  Birdsong in the morning, a cheeky glass of wine on a school night, giggling with your loved ones.  Maybe I’m just not ambitious enough?  My only real aim is happiness.

I have no burning desire for social standing, great wealth or fame.  Just some good friends, enough money to be comfortable and for those who matter to know who I really am.  Anything else is a bonus and sometimes a distraction, simplicity is good.

I have said in previous posts that 2011 was challenging for us, well those challenges didn’t disappear at midnight (where’s a fairy godmother when you need one?) and we face many more in the near future.   I shan’t bother you with details but right now I feel like there are so many things that I can’t control; so much that has changed and is about to change on a practical level and I have little power to influence the outcome.   The speed of it all is unsettling to say the least.

Sometimes life just becomes a little surreal, the World turns upside down and few things are certain….and yet somehow, I feel good, I feel happy and hopeful. I really do!

I guess when the World turns upside down, you realise what’s really worth holding onto…and if you still have those things, then how bad can it really be?

The only thing I know is that this time next year, myself, my new husband and my daughter will still be here and still be as wonderful as ever.  Nothing else matters.

When life gives you lemons – make lemonade?

When I feel comfortable, I stay still; when I feel unsure, I find motivation and drive that I never knew I had.  If your life is great, why would you risk changing it for the worse in order to make it that little bit more perfect?  When something (or things) goes wrong, I find I have fewer inhibitions.

I want a new career.  I want to do something that better suits my personality, my skills.  I am clever, I have business experience and I work well in a team; I am more than happy to work 9 to 5 in an office if that’s what is available (hey the bills matter!)….but I’d rather do something more creative.

This is not a new feeling.  It has always been my dream to work in a creative role, either as a writer, a stylist or a designer of some sort.  I am never happier than when I am making something; a meal, a cushion or an article, it really doesn’t matter.  I know I don’t want to be in sales; I’ve been there and I was good at it, but I didn’t like the person it made me become.  It’s high time that I spent my working life, doing something that engages me.

Making the decision to pursue a more fitting career has changed the way I feel about all things I used to call hobbies, things I used to feel guilty about and never prioritised.  Now they feel like practice, like I’m building a repertoire to prove my worth to prospective employers.

Sometimes change, however unpleasant can be liberating.

It certainly is reaffirming my confidence in the things that will never change: my beautiful, funny little girl and my secretly sensitive fiancé.

Hit us with your best shot life…we’re ready for you.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...