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I’m starting to wear more and more true vintage these days and when I get asked “where did you get your dress from?” the truest and simplest answer is…”the past.”  But however many pieces of wearable history I collect, I’ll always love reproduction vintage.

When you’ve trawled through rails of clothing, hunting for your size, it feels like such a luxury to be able to order a couple and keep the best fit.  Once you’ve spent a tense hour and a half staring into the drum of your washing machine, praying you haven’t just destroyed a lovely old garment, the convenience of modern fabrics and legible washing instructions is marvellous.   It’s true, to a vintage girl new doesn’t feel quite the same as old, but chosen well you can feel just as special in it 🙂

Alot of reproduction brands can be very expensive, not to mention difficult to source.  So often I’ve found THE DRESS, the unicorn I’ve been searching for, only to discover it costs £2723726, is crafted from the eyelashes of fluffy bunnies and can only be purchased in a tiny store in Texas.  Or of course it can be shipped to you for a small fortune….plus taxes.  Then there’s eBay where anything with a frill or a floral print is described as ‘vintage’ and though it’s cheap, it seldom resembles the product picture when it arrives at your door.

Following the feedback from my Pretty Retro review, I’ve decided to give my honest opinion on the wide range of repro brands out there.  The good, the bad and the bloomin’ marvellous!

Here’s what we have so far 🙂

Pretty Retro – Timeless designs, great quality, accessible price point.

Seamstress of Bloomsbury – Treat yourself prices, fantastic fit and authentic fabrics.


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...