Be a social butterfly...

I am thrilled to have learnt recently, that in it’s first month, VintageFolly received just shy of 3000 page views! That is amazing!

Although I am fairly new to blogging it has quickly become something of an addiction.  My blogsite is more like a website thanks to my Phill and his internet wizardry.  He also created our wedding website  Feel free to find him on Twitter @phillpalmer and tell him he is marvellous; he’d like that lol.   I am told that behind every great blog is a neglected man and this is mine!!

My blog section is a kind of online journal but the rest is more of a virtual scrapbook, a collection of things I find beautiful or interesting, gathered together for the perusal of other people who might find the same things beautiful or interesting.

In all honesty though, I started this blog as a bit of a folly; a place for me to show off our gorgeous daughter, somewhere I could write (which I love) and collect together things that I like, so that I could look back at them.

With Kirstie Allsopp flying the flag for British Crafts, Mary Berry teaching us all how to bake the old fashioned way and vintage style fabrics flying out of Cath Kidston, I knew I was not alone in the things I loved.  But with articles from so many amazing women available online,  I never dreamt that people would take the time to read mine!   I am so glad they do; what a huge compliment.

My technical wizzkid fiancé has given me this map which shows the areas that my UK readers come from.

I had thought that surely all or most of my readers would be friends or friends of friends, bullied into viewing Vintage Folly by my constant Facebook posts – but they can’t be.  I don’t know anyone in most of the areas marked.

The broader map even shows global readers.  I truly can’t believe that people across three continents are reading the nonsense produced my little old me!

But who are you lovely people?

Given that I have so many readers, I have very few comments!  I would love to hear from you and get your feedback, so please don’t be shy and leave me a comment or two.  If you like the things I like, it would be great to know who you are!

I am pleased as punch that you are here, visiting my site.  Thank you so much.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts, blogs, reviews etc and that you will come back again.



Be a social butterfly...