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I hate moving because

  1. Someone always manages to pack dirty laundry in with clean laundry so that you have to wash EVERYTHING again.
  2. You always lose ONE shoe.
  3. In the new house, rooms are never as large as they were in your head.
  4. The stairs in the new house are always steeper.
  5. The pets always carry out a ‘messy protest’.
  6. The vacuum cleaner chooses the worst time to break down.
  7. You have to properly clean the oven.
  8. You feel like a terrible Mummy when you realise how many of the tins and packets in the back of your cupboards were out of date and by how long!
  9. Something always leaks.
  10. That something usually leaks over something important.
  11. The cream carpets that you have been so particular about are suddenly caked in mud.
  12. It always rains.
  13. That box that you didn’t unpack after the last move, taunts you from the sidelines.
  14. The one item of your child’s that you threw/gave away always turns out to be the most precious thing to them.
  15. You always have more stuff than you realise.
  16. No matter how short you cut your nails – you still manage to break them. OUCH!
  17. The walls are always embarrassingly filthy, even (and sometimes especially) in the places that have been covered by furniture
  18. It is only the nicest pieces of crockery that get broken.
  19. Someone, (usually me) always gets ill or injured.
  20. Just when you think you’ve done everything you open a room or cupboard and there it is…a whole other World of packing and mess for you to deal with.
  21. The worst part is, you have to sort out all of this junk when you finally settle in the new house.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...