Be a social butterfly...

What did you do this Friday evening?

Along with my lovely Beth, my friends Maggie, Donna, Kat, my sister Jenny and I made our Save the Date cards. Aren’t they just beautiful?

We used old fashioned manilla parcel tags and replaced the string with peach, velvet ribbon.  We then printed the date and ‘SAVE THE DATE’ on heavy textured, cream card and finished the look by stamping a beautiful metallic ‘swirly’ decoration and a single crystal.

What do you think?

I hope they set the tone for things to come and give guests an idea of what to expect on the big day.

They haven’t been posted but when they are I hope the recipients appreciate the work that went into them!  That guillotine was lethal! Maggie lost a couple of inches from the end of her hair and was lucky it wasn’t fingers that she was missing!  the production of these cards was like a military operation.  Jen and Kat in charge of ribbon, Maggie in charge of sharps, Donna in charge of sticking and my responsibility was the finishing – the stamping and sparkly bits.  Thank goodness for the girls..x

After all that hard work it was only proper to treat them to a few treats.  Chocolate and Vanilla, cherry topped cupcakes, Fridge Biscuits and my first attempt at shoe cake. ..oh and wine ;-P

I must say with the wine, cake and guillotines it was all a little French Revolution which coincidently fits very well with the look of the Wedding!

I really enjoyed my first official Wedding Meeting.  I can’t thank my girls enough x





Be a social butterfly...