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Mr peabody’s Apples by Madonna

What they say:

‘While I’ve envisioned myself doing many things in this life, writing children’s books was never one of them…Raising kids makes most people, including myself, grow up at least a little. It also makes us more responsible and more thoughtful about our own actions and their consequences for those around us…I hope these chiLdren’s books inspire kids of all ages – even grown-up ones. This book was inspired by a nearly 300-year-old story that was told to me by my Kabbalah teacher. It is about the power of words. And how we must choose them carefully to avoid causing harm to others.The Baal Shem Tov – MASTER OF THE GOOD NAME – who was the author of the original story, was also a great teacher. He dedicated his life to heping others, and stressed the value and importance of love for all people. I hope that I have done his story justice. This book is dedicated to teachers everywhere’- Madonna

What I say:

It has received some very mixed reviews but in my opinion, this is actually well written book.  I was so ready not to like it on account of it’s author being a pop-star (I’m such a snob) but it is a really nice children’s book with a powerful message for everyone, regardless of age.

The story of Mr Peabody speaks of the power of gossip, the danger of presumption and the impact of words upon other people; specifically, the fact that once something is said…it cannot be ‘unsaid’.  The illustrations are unusual, old fashioned and charming and the story is told in a way which is simple but does not patronise it’s young audience.

I read this book with my daughter when she was 5 years old and it provoked some very interesting questions and discussions about responsibility and judgement.  I would recommend this as a read to or read along book; older children may find it a little too simplistic.  I loved it so much that I bought an extra copy for the children at my friend’s Nursery.

Love Rachel


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