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Teach Your Granny to Text & Other Ways to Change the World   

What they say:

Teach Your Granny to Text is the children’s sequel to Change the World for a Fiver, the bestseller produced by the global social change movement, We Are What We Do. It’s a movement whose aim is to inspire people – in this case children – to use their everyday actions to change the world. Their maxim is: small actions x lots of people = big change. It’s not rocket science but it does work! The thirty actions in this book will be fun and easy for children to do but will add up to making a big difference and giving them the responsibility for changing the world, one bit at a time.  


What I say:

 If you buy just one book for your family, children or yourself this year make it this one.  

This book is funny, thought provoking and useful.  Though it advertises to be aimed at children, it’s contents will not seem out of place for any age group.  

Filled with fantastic imagery, projects and information, the socially responsible message that is sent with this book could not be more important: majority rules.  If we all change one this, suddenly there will be a big change.



The book contains projects for home and school, as an individual and group ideas as well as some of the items you will need to carry out the changes, such as ‘I love trees – no junkmail please’ stickers for your door.

Produced by the folk who brought you ‘I am not a plastic bag’, this is a really empowering book and a must for the shelves of every modern household.


PS.  It is not a mobile phone instruction book!  🙂













Be a social butterfly...