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Sew – Cath Kidston



What they say:

Sewing is the new shopping. In these cash-strapped times it’s more fun to get together with friends and stitch something handmade and special, whether for yourself or a friend, than to go out and spend that hard-earned money – plus to be given a gift that someone has created and spent time making is always heart-warming. Following the huge success of last year’s MAKE!, Cath Kidston has now put together a treasure trove of fabulous simple projects for stitchers to get their needles into – bags, clothes, soft toys and many more – and all designed to be made with her popular printed fabrics. As an inspirational kick-start, Cath is giving away with the book a length of a unique fabric specially printed for the book, together with handles, a label and button to make up into a bag. The book itself is packed with 41 projects with full instructions to make a range of fun and useful things, from a drawstring washbag to a knitting needle case. All the sewing techniques are clearly explained in an introductory section so that even an absolute beginner can be sure of success, together with details of how to embroider, applique and adorn your items in other ways. Stunning photographs, colourful contemporary design and step-by-step pictures make everything absolutely clear and user-friendly. The book also contains a large pattern sheet with cut-out templates.


What I say:

This was my third Cath Kidston book purchase and I’m very sad to say that for the first time I am disappointed.


The book comes complete with everything needed to make this lovely bag and as always features beautiful photographs of the projects; but I found many of the projects to be quite repetitive.


For example, the same appliqué bird motif is used four times!  Consider this along with what in my opinion is a slightly garish elephant motif and an equally over used daisy and it all just gets a little ‘samey’.


That said some of the designs are ingenious!  The shopping bag that extends to twice its size and the delicate jewellery roll are indeed fantastic, but they do not change my opinion of the book.  For the price, you can easily buy a book with more content and variety elsewhere.


I love Cath Kidston fabrics and so I enjoy this book regardless of the repetition and I do not regret buying it, though I may now think twice before buying her next release.





Be a social butterfly...