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Stitch – Cath Kidston

What they say:

Following the runaway success of Sew!, Cath Kidston has turned her unique designer’s eye to Stitch! Reinventing the arts of needlepoint and cross stitch for today’s crafter, Cath has injected her own distinctive style of cheery, heartwarming, homemaking prints into these traditional crafts. Her blossom rose floral design worked in needlepoint creates the most fabulous clutch bag – not a million miles away from those seen on the Fendi catwalk this season – whilst her seventiesinspired pop flowers print makes a funky needlepoint cushion that wouldn’t look out of place in any teenager’s bedroom. There are plenty of quick, accessible and highly achievable projects throughout the book – Cath’s popular quartet of fruit motifs, including the delectable cherries and apples, lend themselves brilliantly to making small cross stitched patches or badges that can adorn anything from a satchel pocket to a parka sleeve. In many projects to complement the stitched pieces, Cath has injected one of her trademark prints – for example, her polka dot and floral reworking of the needlepoint Union Jack is made up into a cushion using her iconic red dot cotton duck fabric for a backing. The beauty of both needlepoint and cross stitch is that they are worked on a canvas made up of a grid of squares, so – just like painting-by-numbers – it is virtually foolproof and a great result is guaranteed. And, as with Sew!, this book will include a unique giveaway kit: an exclusive stitching project for a zip-up purse. With over 20 charted designs to make up in either needlepoint or cross stitch, and over 40 finished projects that incorporate those designs into a variety of stylish items, Stitch! is guaranteed to have Cath fans and crafters everywhere stocking up on tapestry yarns and embroidery silks ready to get stitching.

 What I say:

I bought this book as an absolute beginner. I had watched a few craft programmes which had encouraged ‘cool cross stitch’ and was inspired.  I love the look of Cath Kidston products and so hedged my bets on this as my first needlepoint book.

I was not disappointed.

The book includes everything needed to create this lovely purse.


So many craft books are beautiful designed, with rich photography and fabulous ideas…and so many craft books, once read are placed straight onto the book case to live out their lovely lives, unused.

The real triumph of this book is that it gives you no excuse but to get started.

Once you complete the dainty purse, the progression onto more complex projects is simple and inevitable.

I would recommend this book to everyone, not just novices.  Because jargon and techniques are explained at the beginning, the rest of the book is much more advanced than you might expect.

I am hooked!

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