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Girls’ Night In – Hannah Read-Baldrey

What they say:

‘Take one copy of Girls’ Night In packed with design ideas like some pretty pom poms, add a group of mates, a bottle of fizz and voilà, you have a party and craft session in one.’

What I say:

I’m not sure who liked this book more…me or Beth!  This isn’t a children’s book by any means, (there are 20 pages of tantalising cocktail recipes to prove that!) but the illustrations and ideas are understandably as appealing to pre-teens as they are to their Mums!

‘Girls’ Night In’ is a beautiful book, Hannah Read-Baldrey’s style is evident in every single page.  The book is crammed full of delicious recipes and inventive crafts.  Some of the crafts would probably be wasted on one of my girls’ nights in ;-P but may translate well into other events such as parties, dinners and even wedding but many are really ingenious and so beautiful that I will be making them as soon as possible.

Aswell as recipes, crafts and cocktails, the book includes make up tips, pampering treats and game suggestions.  These are all really good ideas as you can make them suit your group of girls: their age, their personalities and where you know them from!!  You wouldn’t necessarily want to play the same games with your work colleagues as you would with your old school friends!

All in all I think this is a brilliant book for your own bookshelf or as a gift for someone else’s.  It fantastic to have a book that embraces the ‘night in’ and seeks to make it a real occasion, especially in an economy when we are all having to be a little more conservative with our nights out.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...