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Craft – Kirstie Allsopp

What they say:

Kirstie Allsopp’s love affair with British crafts took off when she renovated her house in Devon. Now she takes to the road on a tour of the country to discover and celebrate the things that make Great Britain a nation of truly great crafters. 

Kirstie Allsopp Craft is an inspiring collection of projects that introduces you to traditional crafting skills in a fresh, modern way. From making your own family scrapbooks and appliqué cushions to jam-making and handmade bunting, Kirstie Allsopp Craft contains 50 practical projects to inspire you to have a go.

What I say:

I am a massive fan of Kirstie Allsopp and although I loved ‘Homemade Home’ for it’s quirky ‘Kirstie-ness’ even I had to admit that it probably wasn’t as good as I had anticipated.
‘Craft’ is a different matter altogether. Gone are the pages and pages of opinion and in their place are masses and masses of projects!

The best part about this book is it’s diversity. there are crafts that I scarcely knew existed outside of school. For example, I would never dream of buying a book on paper-craft, but looking at the projects within the book, I might give it an afternoon of my time!

Featured are a few simple but beautiful projects from all parts of the crafting world from sewing to paper-crafts: it is almost like an introduction, a taster session! I’m sure that if you were to discover that you had a particular liking for one of the crafts, you could buy a book which was substantially more comprehensive; but if Kirstie had intended to provide an overview for ‘craft’ in general then she certainly has succeeded.

The whole look of the book is so kitsch and seventies, even the layout of the project instructions looks a little old fashioned, but it works and only adds to the charm.
All in all, as a book of crafts as opposed to a specific craft, this is a triumph.




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