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What They Say:  

Little Sew and Sew, in the new Simple Makes series from Quadrille, is the perfect book for those who are interested in sewing and embroidery. The original and versatile makes include 15 delightful sewing projects that range from simple bags and pretty purses to simple cotton tops and delicate detachable collars. The book also contains 15 unique patterns for adding embroidery to the finished projects. The projects and patterns can be mixed and matched to create an almost inexhaustible number of combinations. 

The sewing projects in Little Sew and Sew range from those suitable for the beginner to those requiring a little more skill and expertise. Showcasing many different styles of embroidery, from machine freestyle to ribbon embroidery, cross stitch and applique, all the techniques are simple to follow due to the step-by-step instructions which are presented alongside a combination of delightful illustrations and photography. 

Packed full of tempting projects this new guide will prove irresistible no matter your level of skill.

alphabet little sew and sew book

What I Say:

There are so many craft books out there that it is easy for them to be overlooked and I’m worried that this one might be.  The reason?  I think it has the wrong title.  

‘Little Sew and Sew’ doesn’t suggest embroidery to me and yet that is the strength of this book.  The projects include peg bags, storage boxes and cushion bags to name just a few and the instruction are clear and easy to follow.  But they aren’t unique.  What makes these projects unique are the decorative ideas, the cross stitch, the embroidery.   This is a great book of ideas, such as making an embroidery of your child’s doodles to be kept forever or adding a little decoration to a simple top.

There are templates at the back of the book and possibly the best embroidery alphabet that I’ve ever seen!  If you buy this book, buy it to inspire your own ideas and then lend it to all of your friends 🙂

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...