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Crafty Magazine have asked me to take part in a blog tour for Pearl Lowe’s new book ‘Vintage Craft’.

‘What’s a blog tour?’  ‘Will I have a tour bus?’  ‘Can I have my water chilled and infused with rose petals?’

The answer to the first question is that a selection of gorgeous blogs are sent a copy of Pearl Lowe’s equally gorgeous book and they take it in turns to publish their review.  The answer to the other two…is no ;-P

pearl lowe vintage craft book review

So here is what they say:

“Pearl shares her secrets as a designer and shows you how to create a unique modern vintage look of your own.  The book features 50 new craft projects capturing all the glamour and romance of vintage style, so however small your budget or whatever your level of skill there will be something for you.”

pearl lowe vintage craft book review

What I say:

This book is follows the same rules as other craft/lifestyle books in that it’s presented in sections with a lovely introduction at the front and patterns and templates at the back.

Beyond that, this is unlike any other vintage/craft book I’ve ever read!  Pearl clearly has an eye for design and has created room after room of decadent drama and luxury.  Pearl’s vintage has a slightly gothic edge: think Victoriana meets old fashioned gypsy style.  You’ll see no polka dots here, but rich colours and layers of texture and lace.

pearl lowe bedroom vintage craft book review

The projects are separated into room categories, including an office space which I am thrilled about.  So many of us (myself included) do some or all of our work from home, so it’s great to see professional space being given the Pearl Lowe treatment.  But she doesn’t just decoupage a few box files….she creates this!!

pearl lowe home office vintage craft book

This book feels authentic in it’s ‘vintageness’ and so does Pearl.  You can really imagine her sitting in these rooms and believe that she came up with these projects and ideas over years of being completely immersed in a World of vintage, craft and design.  Pearl Lowe’s ‘Vintage Craft’ is inspirational and may just inspire you to embrace a darker room, indulge in a little decadence and think outside of the box when it comes to using your vintage finds.



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Be a social butterfly...