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What They Say

A love of HOME is Cherry’s philosophy and at the heart of everything she does. Covering all aspects of homemaking and lifestyle from her own stunning house in West Sussex, Cherry Menlove presents a host of inspirational ideas to make your home feel special to you and your family. Including cookery, crafting, design, gardening and re-upholstery, Cherry is the expert at transforming a house into a cosy, warm and happy home. In this beautifully illustrated book, Cherry transports you into a world of homemade luxury, teaching you everything from how to create a patchwork quilt to baking delicious cupcakes and hosting the perfect children’s party. With twelve self-contained and easy-to-follow chapters, Cherry will show you that preparing for any occasion can be inspiring, adventurous, but most of all, simple.

 What I Say:

I love this book.  

I’ve been a fan of Cherry’s blog for around 18 months and have eagerly anticipated her first book (so perhaps my review will be a little biased!): I think ‘The Handmade Home’ is just as lovely as her website.

As you’d expect, there are pages of glossy, richly coloured photographs and the step by step instructions are well written and easy to understand.  But what you might not expect is the amount of book that you get for your money!!  Cherry was clearly thrilled to be making this book and her sheer excitement is evident in the fact that she has put so much into it.  The Handmade Home is literally jam packed (see what I did there) with advice, ideas and projects: 

The crafts and recipes are separated into twelve inventive chapters including ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘A Summer Fete’ and ‘Evenings Around the TV’ and most can be made with items that the average crafter/cook will already have in their home.    There’s something for everyone, from oversized props for a children’s party to simple cookies that can be baked on a whim.

The book’s layout is simple, tasteful and it works.  The writing is easy and friendly and never patronising.  The ideas are ‘do-able’, worthwhile and inventive.  As you read this book, you’ll wonder why you don’t make things more often, have friends round more often, get involved more often.  

All in all I’d say this is one of the most accessible lifestyle books I have seen in a long time and well worth having on your book shelf.

Love Rachel





Be a social butterfly...