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Sew Pretty Homestyle – Tone Finnanger

What they say:

Create beautiful accesories to enhance your home using stunningly simple but incredibly effective techniques. A subtle colour palette and lovable designs combine to create a fresh and fun collection of over 35 projects. Easy-to-follow instructions, gorgeous colour photos and delightful illustrations accompany each project. With ideas for the enitire home from the kitchen to children’s bedrooms, everyone will find a project they adore.

What I say:

This is without doubt a beautiful book.  I have used so many of the ideas already, in many different guises.

The colours are not all to my taste.  I love a pastel pallette as much as the next crafty Mum, but frankly there was just a little too much pink for my liking.  That said, the joy of this book is in the designs.

Simple, beautiful ideas such as the bags featured on the front cover can be customised to suit so many needs! As far as concerns the embroidery patterns, the possibilities are endless!  The only aspect of this book I do not find useful are the doll and stuffed animal patterns.

I know hand made toys represent years of love and tradition, but as a worried, safety conscious Mother, I just cannot make my peace with them and I have never considered stuffed animals to be decorative items anywhere other than in a children’s room.

The dolls, or ‘angels’ seem to be feature in the Sew pretty range of books, but that will not put me off buying more of them!

Truly there are more than enough pages of real inspiration in this book to make it more than worth a look.




Be a social butterfly...