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 The Vintage Tea Party Year – Angel Adoree 

What they say: 

Angel is a sovereign of vintage style and the founder of The Vintage Patisserie, a popular vintage hosting company offering bespoke tea parties from a bygone era. Her first book The Vintage Tea Party Book is a huge success for the unique way it addresses all aspects of vintage culture. Now Angel is back with The Vintage Tea Party Year, a book to guide those vintage lovers through the season with beautiful photography and delightful illustrations.

The Vintage Tea Party Year takes you on twelve months of parties, celebrations and tea-time treats as well as introducing more hairstyles and craft projects for your chosen theme.

What I say:

Sometimes a book comes along that is so wonderful that you want to buy it for every single one of your friends!  ‘The Vintage Tea Party Year’ is the second book from Angel Adoree, nicknamed ‘the Queen of Vintage’. I am a massive fan of her first book ‘The Vintage Tea Party’, but believe me when I say, this….is the PERFECT book.

Like ‘The Vintage Tea Party’ Adoree’s second offering is awash with whimsical creatures and dark, luxurious images, but there’s something else here too: ‘The Vintage Tea Party Year’ is page after page of sheer joy.

The book is separated into sections, featuring different kinds of gatherings. From Hen Parties, to Christmastime; everything is covered and all of the imaginative ideas are easily transferable to other holidays and events.

There are countless recipes including the quirky beef dinner in a jar, edible keys and asparagus cigars, aswell as more familiar treats such as rhubarb cobbler, sweet potato chips and shortbread.
Amongst the edible delights are craft projects and hair and make-up advice. Instead of using pencil drawings as in her previous book, Adoree gives us clear step by step instructions with photographs (we like this!) and all in her unmistakable style.

It is difficult to explain quite how much I like this book, other than to say it a triumph, it is a delight and it is a must for every vintage lover.

Be a social butterfly...