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Tips For Vintage Style – Cath Kidston

What they say:

Cath Kidston’s easy style conjures up a way of life that many aspire to but few achieve. Described in the Times as ‘the other domestic goddess’, and in the Daily Telegraph as ‘the woman who made cabbage roses funky, and delivered nursery prints, polka dots and candy stripes to modern bohemia’, her look is desirable and accessible. Tips for Vintage Style distills the essence from Vintage Style, giving you the ultimate book of hints for your home. Covering kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting rooms and even home offices, Cath’s practical and inspirational advice will show you how the smallest steps can make the biggest differences. You will see the best ways to use up leftover wallpaper and fabric, discover how to make your bathroom a haven, get tips on the best places to find the best old furniture and kitchenware – in short you will learn how to create a home that will be the envy of all your friends.

What I say:


This book is pocket sized, by that I mean it is smaller than A5.  But what it lacks in size it certain makes up for in content.


Do not expect, patterns, projects or pages of explanations; this is a book of ideas!


Each idea is gloriously photographed with a brief explanation and some suggestions/variations and they really are accessible.


Though many of us may love vintage fabrics, may see them in second hand curtains or clothing, it is often difficult to come up with ideas for their rebirth into something new and useful.  From tea towels to shopping bags; from book covers to feather quilts – nothing is off limits to a little vintage!


The book is divided into rooms within a house but many of the ideas are easily adaptable to a broad variety of uses and many are not even fabric based.  Glass jars and bottles, old furniture and coat hangers to name but a few are all given a vintage make over.


This is a little book of inspiration that you will pick up again and again.  I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys ‘vintage’!






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