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I am yet to visit the famous Bettys Tearoom in Harrogate, though tales of it’s magnificence have been making their way to me for years.  Apparently it is a must see, apparently it’s worth making the journey to Yorkshire just to visit, apparently I would LOVE it there.

I suspect I would love it there and have been promising myself I’ll visit soon.

Imagine how thrilled I was when a little parcel arrived from Bettys!?  This beautiful little collection of stories was sent so that I could review it for you.

The note said ‘all good wishes’ which is an expression I haven’t heard before, but may adopt and with the little rose coloured book ……. were chocolates!!    This is a box of chocolates so beautiful that I decided to save it for Christmas, but the book I devoured immediately.

Here’s what ‘they’ say about the book:

“Since Bettys was founded in 1919, one question has remained a mystery – just who was Betty? Many have their own theories on the Tea Rooms’ namesake and we’re delighted to bring you a whimsical collection of stories, poems and thoughts on the elusive figure at the heart of the Bettys story.

‘Who Was Betty?’ Is filled with contributions from famous names close to Yorkshire’s heart, including Alan Ayckbourn, Jilly Cooper, Alan Titchmarsh and Ian McMillan.

All profits from ‘Who Was Betty?’ will help to raise funds for our Yorkshire Rainforest Project”


Here’s what I say

This is a very, very sweet book.  Beginning with a charming foreward from HRH The Prince of Wales, ‘Who Was Betty?’ is a collection of short stories, in which well loved writers explore who they believe the famous Betty really was.

From Alan Ayckbourn to Jilly Cooper, the greats are here and the stories are fantastic.  With the right mixture of wit and sentiment, stories range from a few lines to a few pages and it’s difficult to choose a favourite.  Is it Betty the cavewoman, the inventor of the teapot or the girl who works on a Saturday?

Lovingly illustrated by Emily Sutton, ‘Who Was Betty?’ would may a great gift (or stocking filler) and as all profits from the book go to The Yorkshire Rainforest Project, it is as it were, the gift that keeps giving!

My own Betty is quite a fan of the book too.  She thumbed through the pages, choosing the ones that looked the most interesting and chuckled at stories of choking vicars and Bettys who are really boys!  After much deliberation, we have decided that our favourite story comes from Alan Titchmarsh, who tells us ‘Betty was my mother’!

So….those chocolates….


…well come on, what did you expect!???

Thank you Bettys for the lovely gift and thank you Betty, whoever you really were!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...