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What They Say:
Finally, here is the definitive cupcake collection from world renowned Peggy Porschen, featuring over 25 of Peggy’s most delectable cupcake recipes. Recipes include the award-winning Chocolate Heaven and Black Forest, the timeless classics Sticky Toffee and Vanilla Chiffon and a whole range that are perfectly suited for special occasions – from light and bright Lemon Meringue, Eton Mess and Pink Marshmallow to dark and indulgent Pecan Pie, Mulled Wine and Chocolate Raspberry Heart. With a variety of truly wondrous toppings from the classic cream cheese icing and mascarpone frostings to rich marshmallow fondant and luxurious dark chocolate ganache, each with a simple decorative finish, you will not be able to resist these cupcakes. 

This book will change your perception of cupcakes and bring Peggy Porschen into your home like never before.

cakes peggy porschen

What I say:

This is s a super sweet book.

It’s small in size , around 6″ by 6″ which makes it ideal as a stocking filler, but despite it’s size it contains 25 cake recipes, plus frostings and finishes!!

The photography is just beautiful and I love the simple layout.  None of these recipes are basic; all contain complex and interesting flavours, but the instructions are easy to understand.

cosmo cupcake

My only criticism would be that there are only three frosting recipes.  I ice most of my cakes with buttercream and tend to do it by eye/taste.  I’d love to know how the Queen of Cupcakes makes it.

strawberry and champagne

All in all, this is a quaint little book of high end cupcake recipes that will really impress.  I’m particularly taken with strawberry and champagne and the cosmo cupcakes.  Yum!

Love Rachel


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