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Grandma’s Best Recipes

What they say:

A healthy, nutritious and delicious diet is the cornerstone of happy family life.  grandmas grew up at a time when all food was home-cooked with fresh ingredients and they have a lifetime’s collection of traditional recipes, fail-safe favourites and the ultimate in comfort food at their fingertips.  in addition, every Grandmas has her own supply of indispensable tips, gathered over the years – perfect for making life easier.

Apart from that they say very little because I can’t find this particular edition on Amazon?  I bought my copy from Tesco.

What I say:

My goodness this book is fantastic.  They had me at the front cover but once inside it gets even better; the first few pages feature an introduction which champions the importance of ‘appreciating your Grandma’.  I couldn’t agree more.

The overall look of the inside of the book is very twee and ‘cottagey’, (a million miles from my Grandma who is actually rather trendy) and yet so well laid out that it still feels modern.


Nestled in amongst the wide range of recipes are little ‘Tips from Grandma’, displayed on old parcel tags.  The recipes, presented on a backdrop of ditsy prints are really very good.

All are hearty, honest substantial food, the polar opposite to a Gillian McKeith Recipe Book and yet in actual fact, probably provide quite a balanced, healthy diet.

Recipes range from show-stopping roasts to comforting pies and meals that can be made solely from store cupboard ingredients.  There are recipes for cakes, biscuits and preserves and pickles.  Some of the recipes seem fairly complicated (I haven’t tried any of those yet) but most do not feel daunting at all and are very easy to make!

There are even recipes for things that you might already know how to make, like roast potatoes and so this book is perfect for a novice cook.

The back page features labels, to be used on jars of jam or pickle or for foodie gifts.

I bought this book for myself as I thought it was so beautiful that frankly I didn’t care whether the recipes were any good or not!  Happily they are as useful as the book is charming.  Given the design of this book it would make an amazing gift, infact if I can find another copy I’ll be buying it for someone else!

Amazon do seem to be stocking something similar but it seems to be an older addition so I can’t be 100% sure of the contents but here it is anyway.



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