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What they say:

Sophie Dahl, one of the most glorious women on the planet, shares delicious secrets from her slinky kitchen, funny stories and favourite recipes in a beautifully illustrated hardback. With delectable recipes for each season, this luscious abundant take on food will delight women everywhere. In this beautifully colour illustrated cookbook, Sophie shares 100 of her favourite recipes that show that healthy can be delicious and indulgent. Sophie lived out the latter part of her adolescence under the public spotlight as the first anti-waif model. Flirting with every food fad from Atkins to raw food, she experienced both misadventures and victories in her quest to have a healthy relationship with food. Now she reveals the recipes that allowed her to eat what she wants while being sylphy as a sapling. Sophie cooks with gusto and passion and here she takes us on a delicious journey through a wonderful collection of her favourite recipes for every meal and every season – from her Grandmother Gee-Gee’s ginger parkin, to her dad’s amazing chicken curry to what she serves her boyfriend for breakfast. Try out her mama’s baked acorn squash and the delicious student-days favourite ‘Paris Mash’, plus childhood-fun puddings like Carnation milk jelly or decadent desserts like Chocolate chestnut souffle. Sophie reveals compassionate common sense about food, and serves up a lashing of healthy recipes that celebrate the joy of eating so you’ll never want to diet again. Original, funny, intimate, and quirky with a bit of whimsy, this glorious book is full of wonderful anecdotes and delicious recipes, scattered with Sophie’s own lovely Matisse-like line drawings that slope off the page.


What I say:

This book is beautiful.

It can be read either as a cookery book, a novel or a work of auto-biography from one who has lived a glorious life.

I bought the book before the TV Series and honestly I prefer the book.

Miss Dahl, talks openly about her varied relationship with food over the years and how certain foods have always been synonymous with times, places and people.  The pages about her life so far are interesting in themselves and I believe make the recipes all the more appealing.

The recipes, and the prose are separated into seasons, as Miss Dahl considers that both fresh ingredients and the mood of the eater will vary dependent on the time of year.

Most of the ingredients are commonly bought items which do not need to be specially ‘sourced’ and with the amount of meat included, you would scarcely guess that Sophie Dahl was in fact vegetarian!

This is a great book for those trying to find delicious, simple, balanced food; and it will look great on your kitchen shelf as well!


You can find the delectable Miss Dahl on Twitter: @sophiedahl




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