Be a social butterfly...

I really, really like painting.

When I paint, I go into a World of my own.  I tend to paint ladies, not like my beloved pin ups; I could never compete with the likes of Gil Elvgren and I’m sure if I tried, my short comings would just frustrate me!

My ladies represent me.

They are rarely a likeness, more a representation of how I am feeling at the point in my life that I am painting.  I often paint when I am trying to overcome a problem of some sort.  I try to make the process last as long as the problem, so that by the time I am making the finishing touches, the painting does not represent something negative, but a triumph of sorts.  For this reason, a painting may wait for sometime before it is graced with a signature.  Once it is signed, it is finished.

I am content with hanging unfinished work; infact some of the work I plan to post on this site, remains unfinished.

I would rather my Blog remain an outlet for positivity so forgive me if I do not delve too deeply into the inspiration for some of the pieces, if you’re curious, feel free to ask.

I do not consider myself any more gifted than the next person, I just paint things that I want to hang in my home, but I am very proud of my babies, so please don’t say anything too mean about them!!

As always, your comments are invited and appreciated.

Love Rachel

PS.  I promise to upload better quality photos asap!


Be a social butterfly...

  • Mrshollieyoung

    Woooooow your paintings are amazing. Do you sell any? I’d love something like them for my house xxxx

    • Rachel

      well, I’ve had offers on the purple lady but it’s just a bit too close to my heart to part with. I’ll hopefully be exhibiting a couple this Autumn. I have planned to offer a bespoke painting service for people who want a version on my paintings for their home, but I’m not sure how popular it would be. It’s high time I got those brushes out again I think!! x