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Beautiful Dawn

This painting is intended to represent rebirth.

The idea for this painting had been niggling me for a while before I began.  It took a very very long time!

I started this painting when I first met Phill, because he bullied me into it! lol.  He had seen my other paintings and couldn’t understand why I didn’t paint every day.

The rather 30’s looking lady is breathing life into a new day.

It took a while for me to adjust to being someone’s partner again; trusting again, loving again.  I didn’t complete ‘Dawn’ until Phill, Beth and I had actually moved in together over a year later!!

For me she represents our early days and reminds me of the day when I realised that Phill and I were ‘the real deal’; that I could trust and love again; that tomorrow was a brand new day and the outlook was beautiful!

Be a social butterfly...