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Lady Medusa

Lady Medusa was painted with oil pastels and acrylics.

She was finished very quickly!

The style of this painting is very different to my others, indeed it did not come naturally.  The fact that the style had to be forced is quite fitting given the ideas behind the painting.

At the time of painting Lady Medusa, I felt like I was putting on a brave face.  I was trying to act as though I was string and confident when in actual fact I was a bit lost!  Playing a part 24 hours a day was impossible and I would sometimes let the mask slip, at these times I would feel like I had lost control.

To me, Medusa is one of the saddest figures in mythology.  Just one look from her and you turn to stone.  Medusa has no control over her power, it is simply who she is.

I finished this painting quickly because I was never really comfortable with the style and subject matter.  Because of this, Lady Medusa does not feel like a representation of triumph over adversity, more a beautiful reminder of a strange time in my life.

She is very pretty though! 🙂

Lady Medusa has been featured in an Exhibition at The Harris Art Gallery.

Be a social butterfly...