Be a social butterfly...


Again, my old favourite: Acrylic on Canvas.

Scarlet? is my newest offering and is currently unfinished.

I would like refine the look of her left arm but for many reasons, I shan’t be revealing the thoughts behind this painting until it has my name in the bottom right hand corner!

I will go as far as saying that the colour scheme represents all things British as Scarlet? was painted in the year of the Royal Wedding and I wanted a painting to match a new Cath kidston cushion Ihad sewn!

She is wearing the ‘reddest’ of red dresses.  Fairly covered up, I hopes she looks like a classy lady.  I wear a red dress whenever I feel really good about myself, so that when I need a boost, I only need to slip on a crimson frock and I am a changed woman.

I shall keep you updated on her progress….


Be a social butterfly...