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The Purple Lady

The Purple Lady was the first of my paintings since my A-Levels.

The image is not entirely original, but is an interpretation of a number of art deco images that I had been lusting over at the time.

I began painting her at a very difficult time on my life.  I shan’t go into too much detail but suffice to say my World as I knew it had come crashing down around me.  In hindsight, this was for the best but the experience was none the less devastating.

I would paint in bursts; hidden away, escaping reality.

She took a long time to finish; over a year, but by the time I wrote my name in the bottom right hand corner, I had closed the book on my old life and hesitantly begun to walk towards my future.

The purple Lady is wearing a Wedding Gown to represent commitment and is holding a dove to represent freedom.  Purple is the colour of my birthstone; Amethyst.  Though it may sound dramatic, I consider this painting to represent, my commitment to my own freedom, to my own life.

This painting has been exhibited in the Harris Art Gallery in Preston.

Be a social butterfly...