Be a social butterfly...

Phill thinks we should get a dog, so does Beth……I am the bad guy 🙁

I would like a dog, I really would, but I am very aware of how much work a puppy can be and that it will be me that does the lion’s share. We have two cats.  If one has an ‘accident’ indoors, it is always me that cleans up the mess.

This tells me that it will always be me that cleans up after the dog, no?  I also just know that somehow, it will always be my favourite shoes that get chewed!!

But I would like one, I love dogs….. imagine a lovely fluffy little dog.  I could buy it a sparkly collar, or a big bow,  I could take it for walks wearing roller-blades a la Venice Beach, I could make a flowery dog bed!!!  I can just see Phill and Beth playing with him/her…too cute.

I suppose I’ll think about it…;-P

Be a social butterfly...