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My gorgeous little lady has done it again.  These Miniature Sponge Cakes are a family favourite and Beth wanted to learn how to make them.  Here is her first attempt and I’m sure you’ll agree, they are beautiful!!

To make these you use my simple cake recipe with a teaspoon of vanilla essence. You need to use fairy cake sized cake cases, the re-usable silicone ones work best for these cakes.  We used a 2 egg mix and it made 9 fairy cakes, but this may vary.

Once baked, let them cool completely before removing from the cases.  Slice in half with a sharp knife and try to keep the cut level.

Spread jam (ours is strawberry) onto the top half, right to the edge.  Spread or pipe (Bethany has spread hers as she hasn’t mastered the piping bag yet) Butter-cream icing onto the bottom half and then put the halves together.  Sprinkle your cakes with icing sugar.


Let me know how yours turn out.


Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...