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This bank holiday weekend I was a Morrison’s Mum!  What does that mean?  It means that along with dosens of other bloggers I was chosen by Morrisons to do a food shop and create some yummy recipes with my family.

We had family coming round, my sister and her gorgeous family and Phill’s cousin Ryan with his very pregnant(!) fiancé Shannon.  We have a big garden and the weather was lovely it wasn’t raining, so like the good Northerners we are, we pretended it was sunny barbecued!

There was masses to choose from and lots of special offers.

Aswell as the usual suspects; burgers, sausages, chicken, I decided to make pulled pork.


pork joint at morrisons

Yes that’s me posing with a joint of meat and I feel as silly as I look!

slushie smoothie

I decided to buy tonnes of fruit and let Beth go crazy making smoothies and slushies.  No recipes needed, just fruit, a little bit of ice and some juice.   It was a noisy job!  The first time she switched on the blender, she came to me worried asking if it was supposed to sound like it was dying!!  Beth loved making drinks and her little cousin Hannah loved drinking them!

hannah mock tail

It’s definitely a fun activity and encourages children to experiment with different flavours and of course, gets them eating more fruit!

My sister Jenny and I ‘grown-upped’ some smoothies with a splash of Bacardi with varying degrees of success.  The smoothie with banana, strawberry and avocado was surprisingly yummy but too many kiwis made for a slightly crunchy second drink!

fresh fruit smoothie slushy cocktail

Smoothies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone loved the Dr Pepper floats!!

doctor pepper floats retro drinks flamingo glasses 50s

And strawberries!!

strawberries beth and hannah

The square plates and cocktail glasses were a far cry from the usual partyware offerings!   We invested in some serious disposable table ware as there’s nothing worse than washing up after a great day…..

morrisons mum party plates

….. and bubbles because there’s nothing more adorable than a troupe of children chasing them.

chasing bubbles

Ten  minutes later…..


Pre-teen Beth: “I’m done with bubbles for the now”

Infant school Hannah: “I’m getting cross with bubbles now!”

Todler Matthew: “BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!”


Dogs never get bored of bubbles!

I’m a firm believer that even the simplest of things can be made beautiful with clever styling.  I decant everything I possibly can, I display rolls in baskets and ready made sauces in vintage china.  You don’t have to make everything yourself to make a table of food look personal and beautiful.

morrisons mum fruit bowl

Morrisons mum fruit bowl

It’s amazing how much more impressive you can make things look, just by taking them out of the packet…..

watermelon smiles

..or posing them with cute children 🙂

tomato and feta salad

Slice up a few tomatoes, some feta cheese and a bunch of basil leaves and you have a simple, striking dish.  No cooking, no hassle!  I’m all for that when there’s guests about to arrive!

What I did cook was pulled pork (recipe here)….

pulled pork


…..authentic American style potato salad (recipe here)….

potato salad american style recipe


…and Brazilian inspired spiced pineapple (recipe here).

brazillian spiced pineapple


I hope your bank holiday was as good as mine?

Love Rachel









Be a social butterfly...