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I am a proud cookie monster…and a proud cake monster, chocolate monster, pudding monster.  Yeah, I like food haha!  Although I’m a big fan of delicate, pretty decorations, some cakes just demand something a bit more robust to finish them off and as this decorating idea proves…food can be funny too!

These cakes go down very well with children but lets be honest who doesn’t love the cookie monster 🙂

Cookie monster cupcakes how to make

Our Malted Chocolate Cupcake recipe works well for this technique, you can find it here.

You Will Need:

Buttercream icing with a little blue food dye

White mini marshmallows

Some chocolate flavoured glace icing (I used one of the ready made tubes as I only needed a little and didn’t want to mess around too much)

Mini chocolate chip cookies

Star shaped piping nozzle 

cookie monster cupcake army


  • Cut a thin slice from the top of the cupcake.  It should be a little wider than your cookies and positioned about a cm away from the cupcake case.

cut a thin slice

  • Starting at the edge, pipe blue stars all over the top of the cupcake but leave a space just above the slice.

begin piping the icing

  • Push your cookie into the slice (make sure it’s firmly in)
  • Now pipe stars above the cookie so that it fits neatly in the monster’s ‘mouth’.

cookie monster cupcakes

  • Add two mini marshmallows to the top of the cupcake before the icing has time to set.

cookie monster cupcake

  • Pipe a little dot of chocolate icing onto each ‘eye’.

And that’s it!  It couldn’t be more simple but it’s a very effective tecnique.  These cakes are best eaten when freshly decorated as the cookies do get a little soft if left over night.   So if you can bear to eat them all straight away, you’re doing the right thing!! 😀

beth and cookie monsterHere’s my little monster sneaking in one last cake before bath time lol.

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...