Be a social butterfly...

Don’t tell anyone, but my best friend Maggie turned 28 recently!!

Such an event deserves a cake does it not?

Say hello to my little friend……

This is a vanilla and chocolate chip, marble cake, smothered with home-made caramel and milk chocolate, then sprinkled with gold glitter.

It was almost as lovely as the lady herself.



Be a social butterfly...

  • maggie vaughn

    Rachel has totally got herself confused with the whole age thing… whats she like! But as for the cake…hmmmm, it was delicious!!! xxx

  • Dez Flowers

    Holy hell! I need one of those for my next birthday! That looks epic! How much do they cost?

    • Rachel

      haha ! The ring got a ‘holy hell’! Love it! I’m not very good with cost :-S Never feel comfortable with it. I can work out how much it costs to make if you like? x