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What do I like more?  Shoes…or cake?

Maybe I could have both???

Stiletto Cake Tin

I have just seen this lovely thing advertised online!  I love the idea, though personally I would have to bake a pair and though I don’t want to sound big-headed, I think I would probably finish it a little better too.

But isn’t it a fantastic idea?  Were I to buy this cake tin, the first cake I baked would definitely be a pair of ruby slippers, finished with a generous layer of edible glitter. i know an awful lot of young ladies who would adore a shoe cake on their birthday!

I am trying to sell it to myself because it’s £20.00!!

This seems rather pricey to me, especially as the advert seems to be for one half; so that to create one shoe, you would have to bake one side and then clean the tin and bake the other!  If this is the case, then for my pair of shoes I would be in and out of the oven four times!

I’m all for commitment to cause but that would be excessive in my opinion!

Hmm, I think I shall have to mull it over for a little while longer.




11th October

My mulling was short lived.  Consider ‘Shoe Cakes’ available soon!!!

13th October

It’s here!!

Be a social butterfly...