Be a social butterfly...


I have a friend, Marino, who is a chef and restauranteur.  He is very very good at his job and is well know locally for his amazing food.  He has a beautiful girlfriend whom he adores…and it was her birthday…and he asked little old me to make her birthday cake!!!  Serious pressure!

The cake wasn’t even going to be eaten privately, no, no, no.  this cake would be presented to her in public, infront of family (also restauranteurs) at her birthday meal!

I was quaking in my boots.  Not only are Marino and Sarah people I care about and respect but they realy know their stuff when it comes to food and I didn’t want to let them down.


The brief was: a giant cupcake, decorated to look as girly as posible. Must look phenomenal and taste just as good.


Well the finished product, I’m sure you will agree was certainly girly!  As you can’t add a proper filling to a giant cupcake, I decided to make it in 3 different flavours, so that when sliced it would have the look of nepolitan icecream.

So we had rose petal flavoured cake, fresh vanilla flavour and dark (grown-up) chocolate flavour.

I wasn’t there to see it cut and eaten but the reports were very positive (phew) and they’re all still speaking to me!



Be a social butterfly...