Be a social butterfly...

We all have those nights when no matter what we do, we just can’t sleep….I’m having one of those weeks!!!

I am a huge tea drinker and a lover of herbal infusions.  I have a cupboard full of convenient tea bags, but somehow, when it comes to Camomile, nothing beats making it fresh.

Perhaps there is something in the ritual of making the infusion that is as relaxing as the drink itself?  I don’t know.  The method is so simple it barely needs a ‘how to’ guide, but here it is anyway.

All you need are a 2-3 spoonfuls of dried camomile, some hot water and a cup!!

  • Place the camomile in your favourite mug,
  • Fill with freshly boiled water.
  • Allow to brew for 2-3 minutes
  • Strain liquid into another cup.
  • You might like to sweeten with honey to taste.

Incidently if you do become a big ‘infusion’ drinker, you might like to invest in some kit!  I have tried all sorts of straining methods over the years, keep an eye out for stirrers,

…mini tea strainers

…and these weird dunky things, which are my favourite.

Sweet dreams lovelies.


Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...