Be a social butterfly...

This recipe is not for the fainthearted.  As if ice cold vodka wasn’t sharp enough, when it’s combined with the heat of fresh chillis, it makes for a hot-cold assault on the senses!  Phill and I had hours of fun experimenting with different flavoured vodkas over Christmas and although he didn’t claim this one as one of his favourites, we both agree that it is amazing!

Lovers of ‘Bloody Marys’ may appreciate this tipple more than most and just a couple of teaspoons will lift your meat chilli to new heights.  It’s easy to make and a real conversation starter at a party (if you haven’t guessed, this was MY favourite vodka flavour!) and if you make it and discover that you aren’t a fan, it makes a lovely gift for a cocktail enthusiast or foodie thrill seeker! 🙂

You Will Need

750 ml of decent vodka 

3 large red chills (these are medium hot)

A clean bottle or large jar which will still have some ‘shaking space’ once the vodka is inside 

A nice bottle to keep your vodka in 🙂


  • Slice two of the chilli in half and remove the seeds
  • Roughly chop and put into the bottle/jar of vodka
  • Allow to infuse over night (or for at least 12 hours), you should shake the bottle every now and again.
  • Strain the vodka into a jug to remove the chilli pieces
  • Pour vodka into the bottle and pop the remaining whole chilli inside.  This will continue to flavour the vodka and also ensure that nobody drinks the hot stuff thinking it’s ‘normal’ vodka!!

After a little while the chilli does begin to colour the liquid.  Ours went a little bit orange and the chilli became so swollen that people started to ask if it was a carrot!

I may have to slice it into a meat chilli at some point and really test our nerves!! Lol.  I’ve since transferred the vodka into smaller bottles that are easier to store and the ideal size to give away….though we haven’t been doing much of the latter!!!

Good luck!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...