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**Disclaimer – I wrote the bulk of this post before Dorothy was born.  Until the last week, I had no time for baking these cookies (I still can’t work out how anybody DOES have time!) let alone writing about them, which is why I’m only just finishing the post now!  If you’ve just had a baby, please don’t try and bake cookies right now – you’ve just brought a tiny human into the World…that’s quite enough 🙂 **

Lactation cookies.  Not something I’d heard of until recently but once I did, I was keen to have a go at making them.

“But what the @*&$ are they?” I hear you cry.

Put simply, lactation cookies are biscuits to make you make milk.   A sweet treat that it is claimed will help breastfeeding mothers produce more milk for their babies.

Given that I live in a house of cookie monsters, I have checked and feeding these cookies to your children, partner, boyfriend, husband is not going to result in them beginning to lactate!   This is a good thing because Phill and Beth have eaten loads (this is disputed by Phill and Beth).

The active ingredients are high in fibre, protein, vitamin B, omega 3 …. lots and lots of good stuff that won’t do them any harm at all and in fact will likely do them a lot of good.

how to make lactation cookies recipe breast feeding

We like these!  The first time you taste them, the strangely marmitey smell can be a bit off-putting but for some reason you find yourself going back to the plate again and again.   As I wasn’t feeding a baby when I first made these, I couldn’t tell you whether or not they increased my milk supply but they definitely filled my tummy up and left my bosom feeling a wee bit more ample!  Now that Dorothy is here and I am feeding, I can tell you that in my opinion they work…they really freakin’ work!

There’s a basic recipe which I’ve detailed below – this can be tweaked as much as you like as long as you don’t meddle with the following three ingredients:

active ingredients lactation cookies

1-2 tablespoons of brewers yeast – do not substitute with any other yeast (this stuff tastes quite odd so maybe start with 1 tablespoon until you know how you feel about the flavour)

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1 & 1/2 cups oats 

The below ingredients can be altered and in some cases removed to make the cookies sweeter, lighter etc.  It’s up to you.

1 cup self raising flour 

1/2 cup margarine (you could use coconut oil instead or even nut butters)

3/4 cup soft brown sugar (why not try a different sugar, ,less sugar or even honey?)

1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)

1 egg

2 tablespoons of water (use less or more depending on the texture you prefer)

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

Then you simply need to choose a flavour and add around half a cup of it.

We’ve tried 4 different flavours and the results were as follows:

Dried Apple and Almond

Make with a 1/2 cup of chopped almonds, chopped dried apple and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.  These were our first taste of lactation cookies and we kinda liked them, even if we were a bit suspicious of the flavour.  Made chunky, these cookies are like a meal, certainly a good breakfast and that’s how we ended up eating them.

lactation cookie recipe apple and almond how to make

Chocolate Chip

Make with a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips.  I liked these as the chocolate masked the taste of the brewer’s yeast….also because I really like anything with chocolate 🙂  I made these much thinner is that I wouldn’t feel guilty eating lots of them!

how to make lactation cookies breast feeding recipe chocolate chip

Golden Syrup and Ginger

Make with 2 teaspoons of ground ginger and 1/4 cup golden syrup (I know I said 1/2 a cup but that would be ALOT of syrup!).  These were a little too strong for me but they were Phill’s favourite.

how to make lactation cookies breast feeding recipe syrup lyles golden

Our absolute favourite flavour is……drumroll please…..

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip

peanut choc chip how to make lactation cookies recipe breast feeding

Make with chunky peanut cutter instead of butter/margarine, 2 eggs instead of 1 and a 1/4 – 1/2 cup of chocolate chips.  I made this version after Dottie was born and have eaten masses of them.  They’ve kept me going through cluster feeding and when I’ve been too busy with baby to stop and get a proper meal!


  • Cream together the sugar and margarine
  • Add the water, egg and vanilla
  • Pour in your cookie flavour choice and mix
  • Add the dry ingredients (oats, salt, yeast and seeds) and stir well
  • Spoon onto a baking sheet – around a table spoon per cookie – flatten.  If you like a crispy cookie, use less mixture and flatten out more.

Bake for 12-20 mins depending on how chewy or crispy you like your cookies.

If you’re approaching your due date, I recommend that you make a few different flavours, choose your favourite and then make tonnes of the dough to freeze!  If you’re a friend of someone who has recently given birth, make them boxes and boxes of the peanut butter and chocolate chip flavour and deliver them with a nice cup of tea and a big hug.  It’s what any good friend would do ;-P 

If you try these, do let me know what you make of them!

Love Rachel


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