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This really couldn’t be simpler and hardly seems worth the write up, but given that some stores are charging £10.00 for a small jar of the stuff, I really thought you might appreciate it!

You will need

A large clean jar

A sieve

Caster sugar

Dried or fresh Lavender



  • Firstly ensure your jar is very clean.
  • Fill your jar with sugar so that there is approx and inch or 2.5 cm space at the top.
  • Tip the sugar onto your weighing scales and take not of the weight.
  • Put sugar into a bowl.
  • You will need at least a tablespoon of lavender for every 100g of sugar.
  • Add the Lavender to the sugar by pushing it through a sieve with the back of a spoon, this will give you a fine, lavender dust on top of your caster sugar.
  • Discard the left over bits of lavender in the sieve.
  • Tip the whole bowl back into the jar and add another tablespoon of lavender, this time whole, to the jar.
  • Seal the jar and shake well
  • Shake the jar every couple of days, the sugar will be ready in a week.
  • If you find that you prefer a stronger taste simply add more sieved Lavender.
The sugar can be used as it is or sieved if you would prefer not to have bits of Lavender in your baking.  Personally, I prefer a strong taste and sometimes add more Lavender to a recipe for good measure!
how to make lavender sugar recipe
Lavender sugar can be used for anything that calls for Caster Sugar and if decorated with a nice ribbon, would make a lovely gift.  My personal favourites are Lavender Shortbread, Lavender Biscuits and Honey and Lavender Cake.
Keep an eye out for these Recipes as I’ll upload them soon.

Be a social butterfly...