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I love to cook.  For me it’s another form of art, creating something delicious and often beautiful out of simple ingredients is a joy.

Frequently I am accused (light-heartedly, I hope!) of being a ‘feeder’.  Food does not of course equate to love, but making sure that everyone is comfortably full, makes me feel like a provider of sorts and I like that.  I like the fact that only I know the  recipe to my friends’ favourite cupcakes, only I make hot chocolate ‘just right’ for my family: it’s nice to feel indispensable sometimes.

Cooking isn’t always easy.  When money (or even time!) is tight, it can be so hard to provide decent meals, let alone get a kick out of cooking them.  I hate it when the cupboard is bare.

I am the oldest of a big family and at one time, was a single, teenage Mother.  In the past, I’ve experienced as many ‘Mother Hubbard’ moments as some people have had hot dinners!!  It’s a challenge when you have to stretch the pennies to put food on the table, or make a meal out of a limited number of ingredients.

Those difficult times, though I pray they never return, have taught me about frugal cooking, the importance of a waste not want not attitude and the benefits of experimental recipes!

There is no greater compliment to a cook then to be asked for a recipe and I’m going to use this website to share some of my favourites.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...