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Cold and frosty morning are beautiful, but they tend to turn into cold and frosty days.  There’s only one thing for it….hot chocolate!  Nothing beats hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows and the perfect topping has to be my spiced hot chocolate sprinkles.

Make up a jar and keep it in the cupboard for chocolate related emergencies and you could even give a jar as a gift?

You Will Need:

Caster sugar,

Cocoa powder,

Ground cinnamon

Ground ginger

Chilli powder (optional)


  • Fill your jar 1/3 full with caster sugar.
  • Put the cocoa powder in next.  You need to fill around 1/2 of the space that’s left with cocoa powder.
  • The last thing to go into the jar is the spices.  Ginger and cinnamon work best, but you can use whatever you like.  Don’t forget that ginger can add alot of heat to a dish (or mug!), so I would use it sparingly.   A sprinkle of cilli powder is ideal for lovers of heat.
  • The powder looks great in layers like this but will need to be mixed up before use.  You can either mix it up before you give the gift, or let the recipient know that they’ll need to combine the ingredients.
  • Decorate the jar with ribbon or a strip of material.

PS. Beth gives her absolute seal of approval!!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...