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imageThis is my second recipe as one of Lion Eggs ‘Eggsperts’! This month we were challenged to create simple food that would be great to eat in the garden.  Whenever we eat or drink in the garden I try to avoid breakages by using paper plates and plastic cups. So I think the best garden food doesn’t need a plate or cutlery at all! Egg cupcake brunch bacon recipe lion eggsEgg cupcakes recipe lion eggs bacon brunchEgg cupcakes recipe lion eggs bacon brunch The egg-cupcakes (see what I did there?) offer you a few perfect bites of eggy, bacony, goodness.  They are easy to make, don’t cost the Earth AND they look so cute! egg cupcakes lion eggs bacon brunch recipe You will need: Bacon – streaky bacon works well.  Don’t use the thick cut sort. Brown bread Egg Cheese – I used Double Gloucester Salt and Pepper Chives Cupcake tray egg cupcakes baked bacon lion eggs brunch recipe Method:

  • Preheat your oven to 200
  • Toast your bread and cut into rounds
  • Butter the round toast!

toast rounds

  • Cook your bacon until it just begins to colour but is still flexible.

streaky bacon

  • Lightly grease the sides of each cupcake hole
  • Lay a toast round at the bottom, butter side down
  • Line the sides of the hole with bacon to create a ‘cup’

Bacon and egg cupcakes recipe

  • Place a little grated cheese into the bottom of the ‘cup’
  • Break an egg into each cup and quickly place into the oven
  • Bake for around 12 minutes until you have reached your desired level of ‘wobble’
  • Remove from the tray and season with a little ground salt and black pepper and some freshly chopped chives
  • Serve immediately

Lion eggs egg cupcakes bacon brunch recipe

This would make a delicious start to the day or an equally perfect supper or why not serve with some salad as a light lunch.  However you eat it, if you possibly can…eat it in the garden 🙂 Love Rachel x

Be a social butterfly...