Be a social butterfly...

I love Valentine’s day.  I’m not going to claim that it was my favourite day when I was single, but the love-hearts and pink and fluffyness certainly helped to soften the blow!  One look around my house will tell you that I love heart shaped anything 🙂

These days I spend Valentines spoiling my lovely Husband and our girls.  Here’s a little something I rustled up for their brunch.

You will Need:

Free range eggs

Wholemeal Bread

A little olive oil

A large heart shaped cookie cutter.


  • Use your cookie cutter to cut a heart shape almost all the way through your bread.
  • Lightly toast the slice in a toaster.
  • Remove the toast and completely remove the heart shape using the cutter again.
  • Turn your grill on full.
  • Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan on a medium heat.
  • Place the toast in the pan and carefully crack an egg into the heart shaped centre – if you are not confident about this part, you can leave the cutter in the centre to make doubly sure that the egg doesn’t go everywhere!
  • Once the egg begins to cook on the bottom (this will only take  a couple of minutes) place the pan under the grill until the top of the egg is cooked to taste.
  • Serve with the heart shaped toast for dipping!

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...