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One person’s simple is another person’s impossible!  I hate it when you attempt to do something described as simple, quick or easy and it just doesn’t work 🙁 Well this isn’t one of those things 🙂

Cinder Toffee (or honey comb) is delicious (a kind of salted caramel flavour), it’s easy to make and you probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard already.  Looking for something interesting to sprinkle over a desert or ice-cream? Craving a sweet treat with a movie?  Heading to a friend’s house for a visit and fancy taking them a little something?  Make this!!

I’ll be honest, my first attempt didn’t turn out well.  It tasted great but it didn’t set to a crunch and instead remained a chewy mass.  The problem was that I didn’t allow the sugar/syrup mixture to bubble for long enough, so it hadn’t reached it’s ‘crunch’ temperature of 150.  You could use a sugar thermometer to be sure but they tend not to work properly when your cooking on such a small scale.  Basically you need the mixture to darken in colour slightly, to the point where you daren’t leave it on the heat any longer, it should be dark brown around the outside (but only just!)

Basic cinder toffee has three ingredients, Golden syrup, caster sugar and bicarbonate of soda, but I also add a little vanilla and I really do think it makes all the difference.  Why not add a 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger right at the beginning, for a lightly spiced version?

This method makes enough to fill a small tin, bowl or gift bag.

You Will Need:

50 grams caster sugar

2 tablespoons golden syrup 

1/4 teaspoon good quality vanilla extract

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda


  • Before you start, lay out a baking sheet next to your hob.  I use a silicone one but a metal one covered in some greaseproof paper will be just fine.
  • Have the bicarbonate of soda out ready along with a metal whisk.
  • In a small pan, mix together the sugar, syrup and vanilla.  Then put the spoon down and DO NOT put it back in the pan!!!  You must not stir the mixture once you turn the heat on.
  • Allow the sugar to melt over a medium heat.
  • Shake the mixture every now and again but don’t stir it.
  • Continue to heat until the mixture darkens and bubbles.
  • Once the edges of the mixture turn dark brown, remove from the heat.
  • Working quickly, add the bicarbonate of soda and whisk.
  • Straight away pour the whole bubbling mass onto the baking sheet.  Don’t try to spread it out just leave it to settle.
  • The cinder toffee will set in around 10 minutes.  Then you can smash it up and eat it!!!

We sometimes add a little edible glitter before the cinder toffee sets, but you could also scatter with chocolate chips or cover with chocolate completely once it’s set.

Love Rachel





Be a social butterfly...