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Sugar craft has become massively popular in recent years.  I’ve made it a bit of a mission of mine to become good at it; partly because I enjoy it and like a challenge and partly because I much prefer having things that are unique to spending a fortune on mass produced decorations.

There are quick fixes and cheap ways of doing things when it comes to sugar craft and then there’s ‘the way’.  Invariably I have found ‘the way’ to give a far superior result….but it takes time and practice and quite alot of ‘kit’!!!  *cue frustrated eye roll*

elderflower macaron with sugar craft mother of pearl buttons

I thought you might like this little trick, that takes very little kit at all and produces beautiful decorations every time.  These buttons could easily be mistaken for mother of pearl and would look beautiful on any of your creations, but they can be made in any colour you like as petal paste comes in a whole rainbow of shades  For a more delicate look, shimmer powders can be found in lots of lovely hues and when dusted onto the finished creation given a delicate hint of colour.

elderflower macarons with sugar paste mother of pearl buttons

I decided to make some buttons to decorate a gift of macarons for my friends at The Buttonhole, Chorley (see what I did there?)

You will need:

Petal paste.  You can use ready roll icing or marzipan but the results will not be as delicate or strong and they may be more difficult to make

Plastic rolling pin

A very small circular cutter or a piping nozzle

Ball tool

Cocktail stick

Clean tea towel and a sponge or another tea towel, folded.

Shimmer paste or powder (if using powder, mix with a few drops of vodka to create a paste)



  • Using a very small amount of petal paste, roll out to just a couple of mm thickness  TOP TIP:  Petal Paste dries out very quickly so make sure you properly seal the rest of your paste.
  • Use the narrower end of you piping nozzle to cut tiny rounds from the paste.


  • Cover your sponge or folded tea towel with your clean tea towel to create a ‘pad’..
  • One at a time, place the rounds on the pad and using the ball tool, roll around the centre of the round.  this should make the edges turn up slightly and create a shell-like button shape.


  • Use a cocktail stick to poke two holes in the ‘button’.


  • Allow to dry out over night
  • Once dry, brush with shimmer paste

sugar paste mother of pearl buttons

  • Attach to cakes, biscuits and macaroon with a tiny blob of glace icing.

Aren’t they gorgeous!!??

in box

I attached mine to some elderflower Macarons and packaged them in a little cup cake box decorated with a few blooms from our garden.

flower decor

They smelt as good as they looked….and looked as good as they tasted….or so I’m told because I didn’t eat any, honest 🙂

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...